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Katie Driggs-Campbell, PhD

Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Coordinated Science Laboratory
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Affiliate Appointments:
Computer Science Department
Center for Digital Agriculture
Discovery Partners Institute

My research focuses on developing tools for autonomous robotics that operate out in the real world with people. I draw from the fields of human-robot interaction, optimization, learning & AI, and control theory.

To learn more about what I’ve been working on recently, be sure to check out my (mostly) up-to-date lab website!

If you are a prospective student, feel free to send me an email to see if I have openings for PhD students, but note that it is quite likely that I will not respond due to the volume of such requests. I encourage you to apply through the regular ECE or CS department applications and list me as a faculty member of interest. I’ll be sure to look at your application.

Lists all about me (updated 04/2022)
Contact Information
krdc (at) illinois (dot) edu
Office Location
260 Coordinated Science Laboratory